ThermaHands Hand Warmers [10-360 Packs] - Premium Quality (Duration: 12 + Hours of Heat) Air-Activated, Convenient, Safe, Natural, Odorless, & Long Lasting Warmers

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QUALITY ASSURANCE - Compare with other competitors(Size, Max Temperature, & Max Duration). We will give you full refund or new replacement even BEYOND REFUND PERIOD if you are not happy with our products.

ACTIVATION - Shake gently to activate the warmer or when the temperature goes down during usage - For best result, place the warmer in pocket or gloves.

PURPOSE - (Indoor)Office, school, home, church, & all indoor activties and (Outdoor)Camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, concerts, amusement park, & all outdoor activities.

EASY TO USE - Air-activated, ready to use, disposable, odorless, safe, & natural. NO harm to environment. - Each one is individually packed.

PRECAUTIONS - Please read precautions & directions carefully. Low-Temperature Burn. Do not use directly on the skin or while sleeping. Do not heat in the microwave. People with allergies, sensitive skin, diabetes, nerve damage, paralysis, or circulatory problem should consult physician before use. Extra precaution for children, elderly, or physically handicapped.